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The Power Operator x4 type

Athlete & Operator

As the Power Operator, you have an interest in dynamically reaching your physical potential. In terms of your private thoughts and ambitions, you like to keep them out of public view. 

Your motivation stems from the desire to increase your fitness level in a way well suited to you, safeguard your interests, get information about the situations you face. You aim to keep your business away from prying eyes. You hope to find loopholes everywhere and be as subtle you can be.


How am I the Athlete and the Operator?

The Power Operator is a hybrid X4 defender type comprised of the Athlete (an archetype centered on achieving physical fitness and becoming the Athlete of Your Life) and the Operator (a stealth agent looking to outsmart the system).

Your answers showed an interest in developing skills related to the Operator’s motivation of privacy, protection and preparation without being exposed and the Athlete’s interest in being physically prepared to rise to the everyday challenges of today and tomorrow. 

To operate as a


you will need to:

Pre and post test your fitness level
Learn Situational Awareness
Increase your strength and stamina with enough time for recovery 
Learn Internet Privacy and Security
Prepare for emergencies
Know what you can get away with and what you can not
Understand when someone is lying to you and how to get the truth 

What Your Training Includes :

Your mission if you choose to accept it, starts in week one with a detailed personal assessment and preparation training “discovery consultation”. Your mesocycle continues with your targeted 4 week training, moving along a powerful results driven path that focuses on your individual type.

Pre Training EVALUATION Week

Your training starts out with “DISCOVERY” which is conducted through advanced assessment tools to examine your unique circumstances and get a full account of your most important needs. I help you understand these results and we map out
 the best possible approach to hit your targets in the shortest amount of time.

It is likely you will discover so much more about yourself and your situation after this focused discovery assessment and personal consultation.

Athlete & Operator Check the list below to discover what topics are covered for your type



Propaganda Defense

Mind Control

Questioning Belief Drills

Eradicating Fear & Anxiety

Training Tools Mind Vault

Subconscious Awareness

AMP Brain Entrainment

CMT Mind Clearing

Training Detached Mind

Fast Meditation States

Tactical Breathing

S3 R&R System



Covert Training Room

Lie Detection

Applying Laws of Power

Defending Individual Privacy

Personal Security

Environmental Awareness

Resilience Training and Planning

Using Human Motivations

Influence Technology



Physical Priming Model

The Movement Matrix

Building Your Met Base

Building Metabolic Power

Training For Maximum Benefit/Minimum Effort

X4 Key Power Training Workout

Power Agility Plan

Nutrigenic Essentials

Cronometer Tracking

Fat Loss Blueprint

Immunity Defense Strategy




C2R Concept Reality Map

Extracting Life Purpose

Creating Experiments

TAq 1 Compass

Target Triangle / Models

TAq 2 Checkpoints

Getting It Done

Essential Feedback LOOPS

Develop FAST Action

Targeted Tracking Tools

Clearmind Productivity


Get back on top and take back your control.

In the X4 training, you will discover new information about yourself and what strategy you need to be strong in 2023.
This premium training is therefore obviously ONLY AVAILABLE for a short time with a small number of students, to maximize individual progress.
We will start with a “Discovery Week” where we both look closely at your desires and circumstances including a new understanding of what makes you tick through your primary “Function Stack” along with a more detailed look at your unique X4 type. Then afterwards we will proceed with the 5 week “mesocycle” specifically suited to your type and metrics.
In order for us to proceed (no obligation, just to find out more), let’s get on a quick chat to see if this training might be a good fit for you.