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3-5 day luxury retreat for women 40+

From an ex military special forces female combat aging specialist with over 4 decades experience including “training the trainers” you are invited to join the FIRST focused combat aging retreat created just for women over 40 to prevent accelerated aging and change the course of their lives surrounded by the atmospheric beauty of the sunny Aeolian Islands off the coast of Sicily! 

Send yourself on a mission to explore changing your identity by uncovering and morphing into an idealised ageless version of yourself.

During your luxury retreat on the well kept “insiders secret getaway” Islands of Sicily, we will help you devise your blue print for your new “ageless” life, and kick start your mission to take control of your body, mind and life to devise your “2nd life” and command your future. 

But this is just the beginning… together we create an exclusive powerful comprehensive follow-up program that will help you stay on course and support you through your “concept to reality model”! 


The Time is Now 

 “The Only Sure Way You Are Going To Change Your Trajectory, Is To Change The Way You View Yourself (identity)” 
JJ Armstrong MS


So I am sure you have thought about getting older and perhaps even not wasting your life. You know you don’t have endless time to waste with a mediocre or unhappy life.

I will give you the tools you need! If you take at least 3 days for yourself outside of your normal environment, and come to the incredible Aeolian Islands on the north coast of Sicily, ITALY; to reflect and focus on who you WANT to become, how healthy and fit you can be and how you can prevent or reverse the effects of aging and age related diseases. 

How structured your plans in life can be when you know what to do and how to do it –  you will feel a sense of control and power like you never had before.

You see, you have the ability to know what you want, you know what you need to do, you know who you would like to become and now you will finally have a way to bring this to the front of your mind and create a systematic blueprint that could get you there in the shortest time possible.

what will i discover?

Retreat SICILY

How to Stop Accelerated Aging and access the physical, mental, ageless, part of yourself.

Combat Aging Training with Military Precision: 

You Are Offered A Chance TO CHANGE Your Aging Trajectory..

COME JOIN US LIVE – and get all your questions answered IN PERSON!
  • YOU ARE IN FOR A REAL TREAT! … We will spend 3-5 days focused on your personal evolution, surrounded by the Mediterranean beauty on the Aeolian Islands. A time for escaping your daily life. You will be treated to exceptional atmospheric ambiance and adventures to accompany your course! 
  • A multi-faceted course only for women over 40, designed with over 40 years of expertise in anti-aging physical and psychological performance, delivered by JJ Armstrong M.Sc, a top trainer to the trainers, well known for her ability to succinctly teach complex concepts, tactics and strategies in an easy to understand way that you will be able to use to improve daily life in the shortest time possible.
  • Learn effective and safe combat aging workouts, relaxation time, training with a military mindset for women to effectively finally make real permanent changes in your life. 
  • Personal Fitness Body, Nutrition & Health Assessment that discovers your starting point for change and uses specialist combat aging muscle toning, fitness and agility program*
  • Training is delivered in English for an international audience
  • Mental fitness through stress release training and brainwave technology 
  • Lifestyle design and the Alpha concept to reality (C2R model)
  • Personality typing that provides your ability to better understand the way you think and operate thus giving you powerful knowledge and personal prescription used to better understand how you make decisions.
  • After the morning course sessions – we go exploring the incredible Island surroundings, coves, and many hidden gems where you will see why people come to these islands for a once in a life time experience!

* covered on the 5 day retreat

Retreat SICILY

Sicily Awaits You …

Retreat SICILY
Retreat SICILY



How do I Join the AlphaWoman Combat AGING Island Retreat? …